Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I'm Sick! So What? How to Still Be Creative When sick!

I'm Sick! So What?

 Emma stared at her ceiling as the room continued to spin, the room darkened by the cloudy sky, the sound of the rain hitting the windows the only sound. Ugh. Being sick was the worst. She had things to do today! Most of all, she'd set a goal for a thousand words on her novel today. She let out a long, frustrated sigh. It was only nine in the morning. If she continued to lay here she'd go nuts. She sat up. Okay, so the room had stopped spinning. She ran a hand through her dark hair, reaching for her glasses. Okay, she could do this. She'd have to cancel her out-of-the-house activities today but she wasn't going to let her dizziness stop her from writing. No way! Getting out of bed, she ate breakfast, got dressed and got on the computer. She checked tumblr and facebook and twitter but her muse had other ideas. Opening up a word document, she started to write--and four hundred words later had to stop. She let out another sigh as the room continued to spin. Maybe she just needed to take a quick break? Yeah, that was it! At least she'd written SOMETHING! Four hundred words to be exact, with vertigo! She hadn't given up!


So if writing is your passion, do what you can to make it happen! If you can't sit down at a computer, write down ideas on a piece of paper, record them into a recording device, type them on your phone and text them to yourself. Do something to get down those ideas. Your muse will thank you for it later and you'll thank yourself as well.

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