Tuesday, October 6, 2015

You Never Know How Your Actions Will Inspire: A story of an Impromptu Performance

(this story you are about to read is based on true events. Names have been changed)

The medium sized drops of rain landed on Emma's dark hair, fogging up her glasses. The water slid down her rain coat, dripping off the sleeves as she stood at her father's booth, bright green tractors all around her. The smell of food hung in the air, everything from funnel cakes to hot dogs and hamburgers. But what caught her attention wasn't the tractors or the food, it was her favorite song Let it Go blasting from speakers a few feet away. She recognized her favorite singer Idina Menzel right away, some kids also singing into the speakers. Emma walked over to the booth as the song finished and the girls left. She bit her lip. This was her chance to sing her favorite song, even if she wasn't warmed up vocally, she could still try.

 "You want to try?" the lady with the microphone asked.

 "Yes," Emma said and took the microphone.

Her heart pounded not only from nerves but also excitement. She was getting to sing her favorite song. The lady pushed play, muttering that she'd be right back and the music started. Emma tried to tune out the talking around her, focusing only on the song and the music coming from the speakers. She breathed in deep and started to sing, getting lost in the moment. The rain and people talking around her seemed to fade away. It wasn't until she sang the last line "the cold never bothered me anyway" that she realized she had an audience. Giving the microphone back, she said thank you and walked out of the tent. Her throat didn't hurt, unusual for an impromptu performance, but boy her abs sure did. The End

 So I wanted to write this little story to show that you should always take a chance and do something that's out of your comfort zone, whether its singing a song or reading a poem, go for it! You never know who you're going to inspire!

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